Eastman & Smith Celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month


woman working from home on laptop at kitchen tableToday marks International Women’s Day.  Observed for 102 years, it is a day meant to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the world.  The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

The Firm celebrates the past year’s efforts, accolades, and accomplishments by members of the Firm’s affinity group Women of Eastman & Smith (WES) and looks forward to their future contributions.  Their outstanding skills and dedication and their unique perspectives and experiences have undoubtedly and significantly enriched our Firm and enormously enhanced our ability to serve our clients. The attorney members of WES include:

  1. Hannah S. Arno
  2. Laurie J. Avery
  3. Elizabeth E. Baer
  4. Elizabeth L. Bolduc
  5. Melissa A. Ebel
  6. Taylor L. Hanenkrath
  7. Heidi N. Hartman
  8. Brigid E. Heid
  9. Louise A. Jackson
  10. Carrie A. Johnson
  11. Elizabeth A. Johnson
  12. Kimberly S. Kondalski
  13. Lauren A. Lowe
  14. Lynn Vuketich Luther
  15. Sarah E. Pawlicki
  16. Jade L. Robinson
  17. Sara L. Rose
  18. Breanne M. Rubin
  19. Anne K. Schmidlin
  20. Rita Sinha-Marsh
  21. Carrie L. Urrutia
  22. Linde Hurst Webb
  23. Ashley B. Weis

Eastman & Smith recognizes there is still work to be done to accomplish true equity and we remain committed to being a proactive part of changing that reality by identifying and adopting best practices to improve our Firm and its legacy. To learn more, please visit our Diversity Initiatives page.  As a Firm, we are committed to making sure that all of our partners and employees feel empowered and respected to succeed, regardless of gender. We are grateful to the powerhouse WES, who have been instrumental in creating a supportive environment for female lawyers, paralegals and staff in our Firm, and to our Diversity and Inclusion Committee who together with WES have been working to foster an inclusive workplace culture where everyone can reach their full potential. We will continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes and empower women to achieve their potential.

To that end, Eastman & Smith hopes you will join us this Women’s History Month in celebrating our shared history, applauding the incredible achievements of WES and rallying around the industry’s continued efforts towards equality.