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  • Eastman & Smith Emloyment Law Update at the Columbus Bar Association

    Common Wage and Hour Mistakes: A practical discussion of the most common mistakes made in paying employees and how employers can remain compliant with wage and hour laws.

    A summary of federal and state overtime laws Misclassification of workers Paying a salary to claim an exemption Calculating overtime pay at the proper rate and the distinction between the "regular rate of pay" and "overtime" Improper deductions from pay Paying for orientation and training time Remote work and off-the-clock work Paying for travel time Employees who work dual jobs at different rates

    Presenter: Brigid E. Heid, Esq., Eastman & Smith Ltd.

    Lessons Learned from Recent FMLA Cases

    EEOC Guidelines and Enforcement Guidance Failure to Follow Guidelines cases Preventing FMLA Retaliation Claims FMLA Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Recent Cases

    Presenter: Heidi N. Hartman, Esq., Eastman & Smith Ltd.

    What Would You Do? An Interactive Discussion of Real Life Tricky Workers’ Compensation Scenarios

    The Link between ADA and Workers’ Comp. How do you Know when you Need Workers Comp Coverage? Disciplining an Injured Worker Pretext Claims Causal Relationships

    Presenter: Mark A. Shaw, Esq., Eastman & Smith Ltd.

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