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Laterals & Recruiting

Eastman & Smith’s historic growth and expansion has occurred, in part, due to its commitment to strategic lateral affiliations. Established lateral attorneys with mature practices have joined us individually and in groups in all four of our offices, helping to provide greater depth of coverage, expertise and efficiencies for our collective clients. We are interested in experienced attorneys at the member/partner and of counsel levels who share a common vision and passion for the practice of law, add new and valuable legal skills and growing practice opportunities to the Firm, and in return benefit from our top-notch facilities, seasoned administrative support, diversified practice coverage and supportive culture. Some examples of lateral opportunities at Eastman & Smith include:

Toledo: We are looking for experienced attorneys (individuals or groups) in a variety of practice areas for our Toledo office. Ideal candidates are those attorneys who understand the rapidly changing local legal industry and are excited about becoming a part of a firm that not only has a history of longevity and stability, and a committed vision for the future. As the headquarters of our Firm, our Toledo office provides full service support to attorneys looking to collaborate with us in pursuing a vibrant, sustainable and enjoyable legal practice.