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Finding the best opportunities to reach a resolution on terms favorable to and consistent with your objectives.  This goal is always the same for issues facing Eastman & Smith's clients, including product liability matters.

Eastman & Smith regularly represents large and small manufacturers in the defense of wrongful death, bodily injury and property damage claims based upon alleged defective product design, manufacture, installation and guarding. Our clients have included a wide variety of manufacturers and have involved industrial machinery such as mixers, molding machines, conveyor systems and presses; natural gas, LP fired and electrical household products such as furnaces, heaters, fans, ovens, stoves, coffee makers, toasters and battery chargers; industrial and agricultural mobile equipment, including cranes, lift trucks and tractors; industrial and agricultural chemicals; various building products; recreational products; consumer products; and durable medical equipment. 

In addition to manufacturers, we have represented leasing companies, retailers and other suppliers, maintenance companies and contractors involved in the distribution, installation and maintenance of various products. 

For all of our clients, we work to resolve product cases efficiently and effectively after evaluating and advising on causation and design issues with our clients, experts and consultants.  While we always are prepared for trial, the best resolutions can often be achieved without a trial, by way of summary judgment, other outcome determinative motions, and, when appropriate to the client’s purposes, negotiated settlements.  By examining and aggressively challenging the defect and/or causation theories of our opponents and their experts, we have achieved dismissal of claims and have won cases outright without trial when the opposing experts failed to apply appropriate scientific methods and have failed to properly test their theories of liability. 

We invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we can help you resolve your product liability issues.

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