Eastman & Smith Attorneys Appear In Best Lawyers


   Three Eastman & Smith attorneys have been named Lawyers of the Year, for Toledo, in the 2019 edition of Best Lawyers in America®.  They are part of the 25 Eastman & Smith attorneys who can be found listed in the same edition of Best Lawyers®. 

   Only one attorney per metropolitan region for each of the Best Lawyers® categories can receive a Lawyer of the Year award.   These attorneys were the recipients of the largest total peer feedback for the practice area and geographic region in which they received this honor.  There are over 2,000 attorneys in the Toledo metropolitan area, but only 20 are designated lawyers of the year by Best Lawyers®. 

   In addition to Lawyers of the Year, Best Lawyers® lists the attorneys who are considered by their peers to be among the most respected in the profession. Twenty-five attorneys from Eastman & Smith are listed in the 2018 edition.  To qualify for Best Lawyers in America®, an attorney must be nominated, then reviewed by other attorneys and finally has to be in good standing with their respective state bar association ethics committee. Less than 5% of attorneys in the U.S. are listed in Best Lawyers®. Below are the names of Eastman & Smith attorneys on this year's list as well as the categories in which they appear. 

Gene R. Abercrombie

John H. Boggs

John M. Carey

Thomas A. Dixon

Joseph R. Durham

Barry W. Fissel

Thomas J. Gibney

Robert J. Gilmer, Jr.

Joseph A. Gregg

Gary M. Harden

Brigid E. Heid

Henry N. Heuerman

William D. Holt

Reginald S. Jackson, Jr.

Frank D. Jacobs

David C. Krock

David L. Kuhl

James F. Nooney

Rudolph A. Peckinpaugh, Jr.

Steven D. Reinbolt

Stephen A. Roepke

Richard T. Sargeant

Mark A. Shaw

D. Casey Talbott

Ronald J. Tice

  Eastman & Smith congratulates these attorneys on this honor.