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Franchisors:  Prepare to Face Unionization


binder labeled labor union with contract and penRecent headlines have touted the unionization attempts of a Starbucks.  As Eastman & Smith member Thomas J. Gibney reports in his article published in QSR, unionization efforts of fast-food restaurants may be here to stay, especially if unionization of the Starbucks is achieved.  QSR is a trade publication focusing on the restaurant industry.

According to Mr. Gibney, there are several hurdles unions face.  First time contracts can be hard to obtain and the turnover can affect the willingness of employees to support a union.  Additionally typical goals unions have for their members – benefits, job security, pay and safety – may not be of interest to all employees in the fast food industry.

Mr. Gibney states, “enlightened employee relations are the best protections against unionization.”  Employers should know, as well as educate their management employees, about applicable laws, good employee relations, the responsibilities and rights of an employer and issues particular to their industry.

Collective bargaining, labor negotiations and labor relations are several employment issues Mr. Gibney handles.  Should you have any questions regarding unionization, please contact Mr. Gibney.