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Stephen Chappelear Quoted in Columbus Newspaper


The Columbus Dispatch reported recently regarding a $9.3 million jury verdict in a racial discrimination case involving a former employee of Saks Fifth Avenue.  The verdict included past and future pay as well as $7 million in punitive damages.

Stephen E. Chappelear, an Eastman & Smith attorney who has authored five books analyzing jury trials in Franklin County, commented to The Dispatch, “The average case is going to return an average verdict, but if it's a case that shocks the conscious [sic], that shows malice, they're [jurors] not shy about awarding a large number.”  He also indicated the amount probably will be reduced at final judgment.

Mr. Chappelear has over 45 years of experience handling complex litigation.  He knows the value of presenting evidence and arguments in a manner that is understandable and compelling, whether that is to a jury, judge or arbitrator.  He has represented clients in many industries and on legal issues including employment discrimination.  For questions regarding this decision, please contact Mr. Chappelear.

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