Toledo Blade Quotes Scott Johnson on Ohio's Vote in Favor of Legalized Recreational Marijuana


Scott A. Johnson, a member of Eastman & Smith's Cannabis and Hemp Industry Group, was quoted in a November 8 Toledo Blade article titled “Abortion, Marijuana Issues Passed. Now What Happens?" (subscription required). The article discussed the passage of a measure to legalize recreational marijuana usage for adults in Ohio. Although voters approved the measure on November 7, their ability to light up is still on hold. 

Since the measure was a citizen-initiated statute, state legislators can amend or repeal it.  Mr. Johnson, whose real estate practice has included matters in the cannabis industry in Ohio and Michigan, said he believes “there’s a high likelihood that there are going to be changes” to the measure, but finds it unlikely that the measure will be repealed. 

He continued that “he believes an Ohio recreational market will draw interest.” 

“People see this as a lucrative business opportunity,” he said. “Companies that are in this arena are excited about the opportunities from opening the doors in Ohio to recreational cannabis.” 

Mr. Johnson and Eastman & Smith's Cannabis and Hemp Industry Group has experience representing clients in this industry. The cross-disciplinary team has represented cultivators, producers, dispensaries, health care professionals and product manufacturers with their legal needs for both medical and recreational use in states where permitted by law. The group assisted parties in connection with the recent rollout of additional medical dispensary permits in Ohio via a lottery system. The Firm also has longstanding experience with legalized cannabis in Michigan, where the Firm represents cultivators and dispensaries. For questions regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio, please contact Mr. Johnson