Nightingale Inducted as an OSBF Fellow


Eastman & Smith is pleased to recognize Adam S. Nightingale as a new inductee to the Ohio State Bar Foundation.   Nightingale, along with 29 other attorneys, recently was inducted into the Foundation as fellows by Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, who has been a fellow since 2003.

A fellow is a member of the Foundation – an attorney who gives “time, talent, and treasure” to advance the law and build a better justice system through community service efforts and monetary donations to the Foundation.

“There are so many Ohioans who can’t afford a lawyer and need legal services,” Chief Justice O’Connor said. “Without a lawyer, those who find themselves in the legal system are starting out at a disadvantage that only progresses from bad to worse. They are denied access to justice.”

The 2019 class will be planning the first-ever Fellows Week of Service. This is a new initiative by the OSBF to unite behind one theme of service. The class has chosen to focus its effort on the crucial time when juveniles age out of foster care and are vulnerable to human trafficking.

“The idea behind the Fellows program is to engage the minds, energies, and talents of civic-minded lawyers enrolled in these kinds of endeavors,” Chief Justice O’Connor said. “Whatever volunteer opportunity you choose, your work will have an impact and leave a lasting legacy from your time as a 2019 fellow.”

Eastman & Smith congratulates Mr. Nightingale on this accomplishment.