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Sexual Harassment – Risks and Responses (Interview)


courthouse in spring“You can have a terrific work environment and do everything right and you can still get sued.” 

This not so comforting observation was made by Brigid E. Heid during her interview on The Successful Micropreneur.  She, and Sharon DeLay, founder of Go-HR, appeared in the podcast’s “This Is How Sexual Harassment Can Destroy Your Business” segment

Even though a business is at risk for a sexual harassment lawsuit, Ms. Heid outlined steps a business can take to mitigate that risk.  She also explained what is sexual harassment, what businesses are legally liable and why employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) should be part of a business’s insurance package. 

Ms. Heid regularly advises her clients on matters involving employment and how to cost effectively solve problems that arise.  This includes resolving employment disputes such as employee discipline, discrimination, harassment and insurance coverage.   

Should you have any questions regarding employment issues such as harassment, please contact Ms. Heid or one of our employment attorneys.