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Heid Discusses BYOD Policies


man at cafe looking at laptop and phoneBring Your Own Device policies are found in 83% of companies, at least to some extent, according to a survey.  However, Eastman & Smith member Brigid E. Heid, in her Columbus Business First article, “Adopting the Right Kind of BYOD Policy,” notes the survey does not reveal how many employers have the “right kind” of BYOD policy.

According to Ms. Heid, the right kind of BYOD policy balances the employer’s need for security with the efficiencies and cost-savings associated with allowing employees to use their own devices for work.  Ms. Heid discusses the importance of various BYOD policy considerations, including:

  1. Is the device employer supplied?
  2. Does the employer pay for at least some of the device’s cost?
  3. How is personal device defined?
  4. Is registration with the employer required?
  5. Is any training on IT policies provided?
  6. Are there any restrictions on what can be downloaded to the device?
  7. Is there an approved means of communication?
  8. Will there be IT audits?
  9. Are there requirements to report lost devices?
  10.   Are there any requirements to protect the devices such as passwords?
  11.   Do requirements exist regarding the device’s physical security?
  12.   Are there protocols to follow when an employee leaves?

Ms. Heid assists businesses and business owners in managing legal risks in the workplace.  She counsels on best practices and procedures, handbooks, wage and hour, employee leave and discipline, EEO, internal investigations, and protecting intellectual property and confidential information.  For more information on BYOD policies, please contact Ms. Heid.