Don’t Let Supply Chains Bind Your Future


ConstructionDive interviewed Eastman & Smith member Matthew D. Harper regarding what construction contractors can do to meet their obligations as well as protect themselves when the supply chain kinks.  According to the article, problems contractors face today may impact construction defect claims in the future.  Mr. Harper states, “We can expect to see construction defect claims when contractors are forced to use materials, supplies or components not originally specified for the project if the replacement later fails in some way.”

Several options contractors may implement to protect themselves include:

For additional information regarding business litigation, please see Mr. Harper’s article, “Preparing for and Surviving Business Litigation,” which is located on our web site.

Mr. Harper represents clients in a wide range of business, construction, land use and real estate disputes.  He is past president of the Northwest Ohio chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association and is listed in Best Lawyers in America® in the practice area of commercial litigation.  For questions or concerns regarding construction issues, please contact him.