Baer and Rubin Interviewed Regarding Issues Faced by Medical Providers


Healthcare Risk Management, a publication comprised of information for those in the health care field, interviewed two Eastman & Smith attorneys in its March 2022 issue.

Elizabeth A. Baer addressed malpractice litigation in “Take the Right Steps to Speed Resolution of Malpractice Litigation.”  Specifically, Ms. Baer tackled resolving a case through mediation.  When mediation is appropriate, what to know about your mediator, settlement meetings and insurance policy stipulations are some of the topics covered.  Notably, “in cases where early resolution is warranted, it is preferable to undertake formal mediation over informal settlement discussions.  An experienced mediator can be very effective in facilitating discussions that lead to a reasonable compromise.”  Ms. Baer is an of counsel attorney with the Firm whose litigation experience focuses primarily on medical malpractice defense.

Health & Human Services issued guidance regarding HIPAA restrictions and extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs).  ERPOs involve court orders preventing people in crisis from accessing guns.  Eastman & Smith member Breanne M. Rubin says in “HHS Guidance Addresses HIPAA and Emergency Protective Orders,” “the guidance discusses how a covered entity can disclose PHI under HIPAA and if so, what conditions apply.”  Additionally, some states may have laws that are more restrictive than HIPAA.  Ms. Rubin helps her health care clients navigate the confusing and ever-changing regulatory landscape of the health industry, frequently advising on compliance issues such as HIPAA.