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The Franchise King Features Ashley B. Weis Article on Using AI in Franchise Systems


An article written by Eastman & Smith associate Ashley B. Weis was published by The Franchise King on January 11. The article, titled “A Smart Approach to Fusing Franchising with Strategic AI Adoption,” discusses the benefits and risks of incorporating artificial intelligence into franchise systems. 

Ms. Weis writes “one of the primary advantages of incorporating AI into franchise systems is the potential for increased efficiency and automation.” However, she cautions “increased automation may lead to employee concerns about possible job displacement.” 

She continues that since AI “can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time,” franchisors and individual franchisees can often make “more informed decision-making regarding inventory levels, marketing strategies, and customer preferences, which can optimize operations for maximum profitability.” However, Ms. Weis warns that this data-driven approach can result in franchise systems developing an “over-reliance on technology without proper human oversight,” increasing the risks of inaccurate or incomplete reports being generated. 

Detail Oriented.  Forward Thinking.  Strong Negotiator.  These are just a few of the skills Ms. Weis developed as in-house counsel at a large franchisor company and brings to her representation of corporate clients.  Her experience entails a wide variety of business and legal matters including contracts, M&A, intellectual property, employment policies and franchise disclosures.  In 2023 Ms. Weis was named to the 2023 Franchise Times Legal Eagles ®.  For more information on the use of AI in franchising, please contact Ms. Weis.