Eastman & Smith Ltd. Attorneys Honored for Pro Bono Work


Eastman & Smith members Heidi N. Eischen, Thomas J. Gibney and Stu Goldberg were honored for their pro-bono work on October 29 at the Toledo Bar Association's annual Pro Bono Recognition lunch.

The number of residential foreclosures has increased dramatically over recent years. "While some owners are more directly at fault, many are simply victims of hard times," says Goldberg. "This past year, I was asked to handle a foreclosure case for a TBA pro bono client. Initially, I doubted that there was anything I could do to help. However, after a few calls and letters over the course of a couple months, the bank agreed to reduce the claimed indebtedness owed by our clients, and to grant them additional time to get back on their feet, rather than losing their property."

For Eischen & Gibney, their involvement is an extension of Eastman & Smith's commitment to provide legal services for the Volunteer Guardianship Program of Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio which provides legal guardians for indigent, incompetent older adults in Lucas County. This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals 60 years of age and older who need assistance making decisions that affect their lives. The court appointed guardian (trained and monitored by Lutheran Social Services of Northwestern Ohio) makes decisions and gives consent for services for the individual, including placement, medical treatment and other therapies. The guardian's decisions are guided by the best interest standard in Ohio law and include the ward's input whenever possible. Eastman & Smith's attorneys provide the legal services to establish guardianships and assist with the reporting obligation that ensues. Currently, Eischen and Gibney have approximately twenty open cases. For more information on the Volunteer Guardianship Program, please visit: Lutheran Social Services of Northwest Ohio.

Eastman & Smith Ltd. is an active member of the communities in which its attorneys and staff live and work. Our attorneys hold leadership positions in over 77 community organizations. In addition, the Firm supports over 45 community and non-profit organizations through contributions and sponsorships.