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E-Workplace Mini Forum

This mini forum is for UT Center for Family & Privately-Held Business members only

Every year it seems as though tech companies are coming out with new devices to keep consumers distracted in the workplace. We have cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. As an employer, what can you do to control or limit employees going on their personal e-mail, social media accounts, and texting throughout the workday? If you have emerging issues in the workplace and distracted employees, the following topics of discussion will help answer your questions.

- Pervasive use of social media

- Using social media in the hiring process

- Best practices for social media screening

- Legal implications of monitoring employees in the workplace

- Effective electronic equipment and BYOD policies

- Data security and preventing data breaches

Leading the discussion is Carrie Urrutia of Eastman & Smith who will be ready to answer any additional questions you may have on how to handle the E-workplace. Join us for this forum before the distractions get any worse!