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Eastman & Smith, Ltd. implements a work at home solution for all of its attorneys and staff.


At Eastman & Smith, we continue to closely monitor the unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the recommendations and directives issued by national, state and local public health departments.  

On Sunday, March 22, 2020, the Ohio Department of Health  issued a “Stay at Home” order that limits nonessential travel and orders businesses deemed “nonessential” to limit their activities. As a legal service provider, Eastman & Smith is deemed an essential business and is able to continue to provide its legal services to its clients.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, we have taken additional responsive steps to ensure that we can provide such legal services in a manner that maximizes our ability to protect the health of our employees, clients, business partners and communities and allow us to do our part in limiting the spread of this disease.  Those measures are also consistent with the “Stay at Home” Executive Order issued today, March 23, 2020, by the Governor of the State of Michigan where we also have an office. 

Before these orders were issued, we implemented a plan to dramatically reduce the number of attorneys and staff present at our offices and undertook other measures consistent with CDC recommendations to ensure social distancing while at the office.  Beginning on March 23, 2020, we updated our plan to have all of our attorneys and staff members working from home. While we  work remotely, a very small number of our staff members will visit our physical offices on a limited basis to check our mail and help maintain other essential functions of the Firm’s operations. We have made tremendous investments in technology and training over the past few years and are extremely confident that our attorneys and staff members will continue to seamlessly provide our clients with the highest quality legal services.  Indeed, our clients should not even be able to notice that most of our attorneys and staff members are working remotely. 

We know our valued clients also are facing unprecedented challenges and we remain prepared to provide every client with the counsel and guidance expected from Eastman & Smith.  If we can assist you with how the Stay at Home orders affect your business, or otherwise help you plan in this uncertain time, please contact your counsel at Eastman & Smith.    

Our thoughts and best wishes remain with all of you and with all in our communities.   


Eastman & Smith Ltd.