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PUCO Rescinds Some Motor Carrier Safety Rules


On March 16, 2011, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) announced rescission of its motor carrier safety rules regulating not-for-hire light-weight commercial vehicles used in commerce. The rescinded rules were approved in 2008, and governed private commercial motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight between 10,001 and 26,000 pounds. The rules placed onerous recording and hiring obligations on Ohio businesses. PUCO delayed enforcement of the rules until January 1, 2012, in order to allow affected businesses to come into compliance. These rules were met with widespread criticism from the Ohio business community. With regard to the rescission of the rules, PUCO Chairman Todd A. Snitchler stated, "[i]t is important for the PUCO to operate at the speed of business and implement regulations that promote safety while at the same time allow businesses to compete and operate efficiently. Today's decision is a step in that direction." PUCO's March 16, 2011, press release on this matter can be found at the following link:

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