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Estate Planning Alert -- Continuity for Your Estate Planning


Estate planning clients often are concerned about who will take care of changes in their estate plans or the future administration of their estates if their attorney dies, retires, or is otherwise unavailable to assist them. The Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Practice Group of Eastman & Smith Ltd. is made up of a diverse group of experienced and skilled professionals and is the largest such group in Northwest Ohio. You probably know many of the individuals in our section, but do not necessarily realize we are all Eastman & Smith attorneys. The individuals in the Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Practice Group at Eastman & Smith Ltd. are:



With this professional staff of thirteen attorneys and four legal assistants, we are confident that we have the resources to ensure that our clients and referral sources will receive, now and long into the future, the same quality and level of service to which they are accustomed. More information regarding any of the individuals listed above, or regarding the services provided by the Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Practice Group, can be found at