COVID-19 Insights and Information


Extension of Ohio’s 2020 Primary Election

Kristina L. M. Wildman

One Government Center   The Ohio primary election originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 (a.k.a. coronavirus) pandemic. Ohio House Bill 197 provides an extension of absentee voting in Ohio but does not provide a future date for in-person voting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in person voting will not take place in Ohio for the 2020 primary election. 

   The legislation makes clear, that if you already voted, either through early voting or an absentee ballot, your validly submitted ballot will still count. If you were registered to vote by February 18, 2020, and you have not voted through early voting or an absentee ballot, the legislation provides an extended period during which you may still cast your ballot by absentee voting. There also are additional provisions in the bill that allow for limited in person voting for those that need assistance due to a disability. 

   The legislation states that you may request an absentee ballot until noon on April 25, 2020. The ballot must be received by your local board of elections by 3 p.m. on April 28, 2020. The contact information for each of Ohio’s County Boards of Elections can be found on the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site

   Should you have any questions regarding the changes to the voting law, please contact Ms. Wildman. 



At the date of publication the above information was correct.  It is quite possible the information above has changed as COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation. 

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