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Natural Resources


Representing businesses, trade associations and landowners, the attorneys in our Natural Resources Section have extensive experience in the areas of mining, forestry, water rights, land use regulation and litigation.

Our attorneys have led the negotiating and drafting of many of Ohio’s natural resources laws and regulations, including the following: 

  • Chapter 1522 of the Ohio Revised Code regulating withdrawals and uses of water from the Lake Erie Basin;
  • The omnibus revision of Chapter 1514 of the Ohio Revised Code regulating surface mining in Ohio;
  • The omnibus revisions to update Ohio’s mine safety laws and regulations; and
  • The omnibus revisions to Ohio’s county and township zoning laws relating to surface mining and related processing activity.

Accordingly, we have a thorough understanding of these complex regulatory programs. Additionally, Eastman & Smith attorneys are experienced in the following areas:

  • Zoning and land use regulation
    • Rezoning of land
      • Municipal
      • County
      • Township
      • Conditional use and variance permitting
      • Land use litigation in Ohio and federal courts
      • Advising clients in all aspects of surface and subsurface rights
  • Regulation of Transportation
    • Litigation of “No Through Truck” ordinances
    • Defense of overweight truck citations
  • Environmental regulation regarding land and water resources
    • Environmental due diligence
    • Wetlands regulation
    • Riparian and littoral rights
  • Advising clients in all aspects of mineral property rights
  • Negotiating and drafting leases and mineral conveyance
  • Defense of work place safety citations
    • Mine Safety Health Administration
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    • Ohio mine safety defense
  • Permitting of surface mining and related processing activity
    • Limestone quarries
    • Sand and gravel mines
    • Hot mix asphalt
    • Ready-mix concrete
  • Oil and gas pipeline easements

The attorneys in the Natural Resources section work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve their goals. We understand that litigation is costly, time consuming, and at times, unpredictable. Therefore, we use our skills and experience to achieve outcomes without litigation. Nevertheless, with years of experience representing clients before administrative agencies such as the Ohio EPA and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, as well as state and federal trial and appellate courts, we are prepared to litigate when necessary.   Please contact one of our attorneys to find out how we may assist you.

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