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COVID-19 Information from Eastman & Smith


Attorneys at Eastman & Smith have been actively disseminating information addressing issues arising from COVID-19 pandemic.  Should you have any legal questions regarding how actions resulting from the pandemic may affect you or your business, please contact one of our attorneys.

Firm Announcements

We Are Here For You

As a legal service provider, Eastman & Smith is deemed an essential business and is able to continue to provide its legal services to its clients. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, we have taken additional responsive steps to ensure that we can provide such legal services in a manner that maximizes our ability to protect the health of our employees, clients, business partners and communities and allow us to do our part in limiting the spread of this disease.

Eastman & Smith's Response to COVID-19

Our Firm has continuously provided legal services to our clients for more than 175 years, and we are committed to doing so during this challenging time. We have implemented measures in all of our Firm’s offices to ensure the safety of our employees and clients and to provide continuity of service to our clients.  We take the health and safety of our employees, clients, business partners, our legal communities and the community at large very seriously.

Articles Addressing COVID-19 and the Law

Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The new law includes an emergency expansion of FMLA and emergency paid sick leave.  It expands FMLA leave benefits to all public and private employers with fewer than 500 employees.  Emergency paid leave would also apply to all public and private employers with fewer than 500 employees.

SBA Loan Assistance Possible for OH and MI Small Businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest loans of up to $2 million for small businesses in states affected by COVID-19.  To determine which Ohio and Michigan counties are currently eligible for an EIDL, visit disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/Declarations

Take 20 Seconds to Read Your Contract (and Wash Your Hands)!  Force Majeure Clauses Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Employers in nearly every industry are implementing measures to reduce the spread of the disease which, in some instances, means bringing the supply chain of goods and services to a screeching halt. While the ultimate impact and duration of the outbreak remains to be seen, one thing is certain: a spike in breach of contract claims around the country is imminent. 

Are Economic Losses Related to COVID-19 Recoverable Under Business Interruption Insurance Coverage?

Since the SARS outbreak many insurers have incorporated into their commercial property policies endorsements that exclude coverage for “Loss Due to Virus or Bacteria.”  However, policies may specifically include extended coverages for mitigation of communicable diseases, but only to the time necessary to detoxify from the communicable disease event.

COVID-19 and the Construction Industry

Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can and should be proactive in addressing COVID-19 in a few different ways things can and will change quickly as the pandemic unfolds.

Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19:  What Employers Need to Know

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Ohio Industrial Commission have made changes to the processing and adjudication of workers’ compensation claims in light of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Changes Tax Deadline

The Treasury Department is deferring the filing and paying of federal taxes to July 15 for individuals and businesses.  Since response to the pandemic has been so fluid, you should check with a tax professional regarding the filing and payment of federal, state, local and school taxes.

Excess Liquor Buy Back in Ohio

Establishments that sell liquor in the State of Ohio have stocked up in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, and now may find themselves with an significant excess of inventory. Ohio is making economic assistance to the owners of bars, restaurants, and nonprofit organizations with temporary liquor permits. 

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