Eastman & Smith Attorneys Achieve Victory for Ohio Employers


Eastman & Smith attorneys prevailed before the Ohio Supreme Court recently in a long-awaited decision, and one of particular importance to Ohio employers. The Ohio Supreme Court recently decided two cases which limit employer exposure in workplace accidents: Kaminski v. Metal & Wire Products Company and Stetter v. R.J. Corman Derailment Services, LLC. R.J. Corman, the defendant in the Stetter case was represented by Eastman & Smith. Attorneys Robert J. Gilmer, Jr., Peggy Mattimoe Sturgeon and Sarah Pawlicki briefed the case; Sturgeon argued it before the Court.

As a result of the Court's decision, Ohio employers finally receive the benefit of the exclusivity of the Ohio workers' compensation system. That is, so long as the employer does not act deliberately to injure an employee, that employee's exclusive remedy for his or her injuries is through the worker's compensation system. Having this constitutional intentional tort statute in effect provides certainty to Ohio employers by limiting their exposure to lawsuits and litigation costs.