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Eastman & Smith Attorney Receives Red Cross's Highest Honor


Eastman & Smith attorney Gary M. Harden has a message for those who might doubt the importance of CPR and First Aid training. "If you're trained, you can save a life." Harden's training was put to use in April 2009 when he performed CPR on an Eastman & Smith employee and instructed co-workers on how to help as they worked diligently for almost ten minutes before the emergency crew arrived. Because of Harden's training, the employee, whose heart had stopped, was alive when she arrived at the hospital and has made a full recovery. For his efforts, Harden received the Lifesaving Certificate of Merit, the American Red Cross's highest honor. Of Harden, American Red Cross Regional Director Tim Yenrick said, "It really is a distinction for our community to have someone like Gary in our community. He's a great advocate for CPR and First Aid classes and a great advocate for the Red Cross." For more information on CPR and First Aid training or the American Red Cross, please visit